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Yunxing Electronics: Invite You to Attend the LED General Lighting (Xiamen) Seminar TogetherYunxing

Yunxing Time:2023-03-11 20:55:03

The 20th (Xiamen) LED General Lighting Driving and Dimming Technology Seminar will be held on July 29th at the Westin Hotel in Xiamen. As a highly representative technical seminar in the electronics industry, we Yunxing Electronics are naturally indispensable. Yunxing Electronics, one of the top three aluminum electrolytic capacitors for lighting in China, will launch its latest product into this seminar. And this is alsoAfter the Zhongshan and Ningbo seminars, Yunxing Electronics has held its third
QQ图片20160905163535.jpgParticipate in professional industry seminars like this。

                                                                       (Yunxing Electronics Presented at the Ningbo LED Lighting Driving and Dimming Technology Seminar)

Unlike the previous two seminars, this Xiamen seminar will showcase two new structures of SMD electrolytic capacitors and ribbon electrolysis by Yunxing Electronics. One is SMT electrolysis of coated aluminum shells that can be reflowed at 260 degrees; Another type is SMD electrolysis with explosion-proof aluminum shell and high-temperature resistant sleeve, which is characterized by considering the performance of SMD method and ultra-high cost-effectiveness, and its cost is much lower than the first SMD method. It is worth noting that currently only Yunxing Electronics in China is producing the first type of high-voltage and long-life chip electrolysis, while only 2-3 companies in China have achieved mass production of the second type of chip electrolysis. Compared to other manufacturers, the advantage of Yunxing Electronics lies in its high temperature resistance and long service life, especially its stable high-temperature reflow soldering performance. These advantages have made Yunxing electronic products recognized by major domestic lighting companies such as Foshan Lighting and Huizhou Leishi.

Finally, on behalf of Yunxing Electronics, I would like to extend an invitation to everyone. No matter which industry or position you come from, as long as you are interested in us, you can come and learn more. Secretly revealed, according to the editor's knowledge from the front line, the audience participating in this conference can participate in the on-site event of grabbing 1000 yuan WeChat red envelopes. After the conference, they can also receive a beautiful gift!

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