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Yunxing will make its debut at the India International Electronic Components and Production Equipmen

Yunxing Time:2023-03-11 20:51:54

For domestic manufacturers, the level of manufacturing in India is relatively low, and demand is concentrated on the level of cost-effective products. Compared to the European and North American markets with higher barriers, domestic enterprises are more likely to enter the high-end product line by turning to the Indian market. In 2015, India's largest source of imports was China, with an import volume of 29.134 billion US dollars in the first half of the year alone, accounting for 15.02% of India's total import volume, with electronic information products accounting for a significant portion.

 The Indian market is huge and product prices are required to be low. "Ms. Cheng from the Overseas Marketing Department of Fujian Yunxing Electronics Co., Ltd. analyzed that India has a population of over 1 billion and an annual economic growth of over 6%. As a relatively underdeveloped country, it is still in the stage of national infrastructure construction and has a high demand for various electrical appliances. At present, there are no professional capacitor manufacturers in India, and import taxes are decreasing, which is bound to expand the demand for capacitor imports. "It can be said that the Indian market is another emerging market second only to the Chinese market." Miss Cheng is very optimistic about the development prospects of the Indian market.

  To expand the Indian market, Yunxing Electronics will present a series of aluminum electrolytic capacitor products at the 2016 Bangalore International Electronic Components and Production Equipment Exhibition held at the Bangalore International Exhibition Center from September 21 to 23. It is reported that this time, Yunxing Electronics will showcase the CD11-E, CD11-G, GS, HP, LP series capacitors, fully catering to the Indian market's demand for high cost-effectiveness.

  It is understood that this is the first time Yunxing Electronics has participated in the Bangalore International Electronic Components Exhibition in India. Miss Cheng expressed her hope to use this exhibition to increase Yunxing Electronics' visibility in the Indian capacitor market, In fact, Yunxing Electrolysis has already entered the Indian market, but in the past, it has developed this part of the market through agent sales. This year, Yunxing Electronics has arranged a specialist to be responsible for overseas market development, in order to enhance Yunxing Electrolysis's overseas reputation, and the Indian exhibition will be a small part of us

  The exhibition is about to open. Would you like to experience the outstanding performance of Yunxing Electronics, a well-known domestic aluminum electrolytic capacitor company, in India? Welcome to visit Yunxing Electronics booth for guidance.

  Exhibition: 2016 Bangalore International Electronic Components and Production Equipment Exhibition, India

  Time: September 21-23, 2016

  Location: Bangalore International Exhibition Center, India

  Yunxing Electronic Booth Number:Hall 2B U2281

  About India International Electronic Components and Production Equipment Exhibition

  The India International Electronic Components and Production Equipment Exhibition is a branch exhibition of the "Electronics and Productronica" International Electronics Exhibition in Munich, Germany. It was founded in 2000 and is held annually, gradually becoming the largest and most professional electronic components and production equipment exhibition in South Asia. The exhibition covers three categories: components, production technology, and LED. Under the strong brand guarantee of the Munich company's "Component Exhibition Expert", this exhibition has attracted a large number of high-quality exhibitors and visitors with its latest technology release, efficient exhibition promotion, and comprehensive professional influence.